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Panaad Stadium at Bacolod Cityscape; downtown Bacolod Aerial view of Bacolod Some more pictures of the city Leaving you again with the impressive Panaad stadium BY KERLYN G.

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After lashing out at groups belonging to the Philippine progressive social movement who were staging a rally during his second State of the Nation Address (SONA), President Duterte decided to face the crowd who came in tens of thousands to voice their demands for a genuine change and just and lasting peace.

But the mood of this year’s rally was different from that of last year’s which was marked by optimism as the then newly-elected Duterte reached out to the progressive social movement by promising, among others, the implementation of genuine agrarian reform, an end to environmentally destructive large-scale mining, a stop to labor contractualization, an earnest delivery of social services, especially for the poor, the revival of the stalled peace talks with revolutionary groups, and the release of political prisoners.

This program was a part of the government’s appeasement initiative, involving its disgruntled citizens, during the time of President Manuel L. When the vessel carrying them landed on the shore (along with what we now call as General Santos Park), Gen.

Santos and the pioneering batch of settlers immediately noticed various assemblages or forests of a certain type of a thorny tree which grew abundantly almost everywhere.

When he asked the protesters to be patient and not to rush reassuring them that “I will deliver”, they responded with jeers.

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