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*Here's a You Tube video which beautifully explains how conception works with graphics appropriate for children: https:// You struggled with how to phrase this, but did you know that you can answer your own question?

v=BFr Vm Dgh4v4 To restate for Stack Exchange purposes: What's the harm? You've asked a simple question at the beginning and in "Here is my position" section, proceeded to answer it.

Here is my rationale: What I'm not saying: I'm not saying that you should flaunt your sexuality in front of your children or invite them into the intimacy you share with your spouse.

The framework should be one that establishes that sexuality (as well as bathroom nudity) is something that happens in private; that sexuality shared in an intimate relationship strengthens bonds and affections; that sexuality has powerful consequences both chemically as a couple and physiologically if a life is conceived. If you fail to navigate the issue well, I would not be surprised if the child grows up and has strange sexual proclivities, is unable to "unsee" what is seen, and needs therapy sessions to talk things through with a professional.

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