Access denied updating a drive f dating direct 1000 txt 1000

I can't seem to access or rather run the files on certain folders for my portable drive. Tried taking the ownership, still nothing has changed.I've already changed permissions and made myself owner for the files but it seems it... I've followed a suggestion on one of the Forums to boot from Windows 7 bootable disk.

After chatting for 1 hour 40 still no further other than some services which should have been running were not so he suggested starting services and check windows update.

download, install and do a reboot and see what happens.

If I would purchase a support plan from them then they would connect to my PC and troubleshoot and sort.

Not willing / able to pay $150 at moment so I have come to the REAL expert for some help.

Perform the following actions to each of the underlying drives in the pool.

Last modified 17-Feb-2020 09:48