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This stiffening means it can no longer change its shape to allow the eye to focus (also called accommodation) on close/near objects.

This is the reason that most people will require reading or bifocal/varifocal glasses after the age of 50, even if they excellent unaided distance vision.

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The more astigmatism one has, the blurrier the vision is without eyeglasses and there is no advantage to astigmatism because it adds natural blur to every focal distance.

Corrective eyeglasses compensate for this corneal shape to optically correct this blur and to properly focus eyes with astigmatism.

When proceeding with cataract surgery, an important decision has to be made by the patient and doctor - choosing which IOL is best suited to restore vision and help meet the patient's visual demands and lifestyle needs.

There are multiple types of IOLs to consider, including traditional monofocal lenses and premium lenses.

Now the premium IOLs offer more benefits than monofocal lenses used earlier.

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