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They got a copy of Opening Up---canon reading for people new to polyamory---and jumped right in, starting with small steps.

She crawls towards him, stopping three feet away–as close as the law allows.

Between performances the DJ steps out to pick the bills off the floor. By the end of the first the girls must remove either their top or bottom garment. One hand holds a cigarette while the other absently arranges loose papers on the edge of his desk. Back then, the city of Dartmouth held public hearings for businesses that wanted licences.

I'm single and bored, but too proud to admit bored means "lonely." Maybe you're of the same ilk.

At first, Amy said, she thought it was an awful idea. But that night after a few drinks, Amy came home to Robert. Polyamorous people are quick to distinguish themselves from swingers or couples in open relationships--- situations where usually, members of a monogamous couple have casual sex with other people.

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