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The Minnesota chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR, filed a complaint with the U. Department of Education last month that lists more severe allegations of harassment by students, some teachers, and even a bus driver.

For nearly a year CAIR has been working closely with the school district to address racial, religious, and cultural tensions at the St. CAIR's Zahra Aljabri says she and her colleagues have reported these problems to principals, vice principals, and the superintendent, but the problems continue.

Superintendent Steve Jordahl acknowledges that his district was aware of some student-to-student harassment and the incident involving a bus driver.

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Abuse cases also have roiled Catholic parishes elsewhere the nation, sometimes decades after evidence of the crimes first emerged.

In the O'Brien case, an Arizona man sued, claiming repressed memories resurfaced two years ago, according to court documents.

Cloud Area School District says it's working hard to address some students' complaints of racial harassment. Cloud last month, they talked about hurtful comments they've received from white students. Cloud Technical High School, said classmates have told her, "You guys, Somalians, come here and expect everything to be paid by the government." One of her classmates, a freshman at Technical High, also said a classmate in science class asked her and Mohamed why they don't go back to their country.

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