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(TEt HE) three-year exploratory research and development project was funded by National Science Foundation Discovery Research K-12 grant #1119468.

The project has created four curriculum units for Advanced Placement (AP) Biology classes, aligned to the learning objectives, using human case studies to teach to Altitude, (2) Malaria, (3) Evolution of Human Skin Color, and (4) What Does It Mean To Be Human? The project has also created a CRS (Cultural and Religious Sensitivity) Teaching Strategies Resource to help teachers create a comfortable and supportive classroom environment for teaching evolution.

It should not be quickly dismissed as "just a phase they're going through!

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The curriculum units contain 4-5 lessons and are designed to be taught over 5-9 days (depending on the unit, whether or not the FULL or CONDENSED lessons are used, and whether or not optional steps are included.

Each version has an accompanying powerpoint file for teaching purposes and a student workbook where all student handouts are collated.

More information about the project can be found here.

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Animal cognition describes the mental capacities of non-human animals and the study of those capacities.

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