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About one in five people in US have hiv and 14% unaware of their infection.Living with HIV does not mean you can not have the right for dating or marrying -- it only requires a little more responsibility and trust from you and your partner.

We argue that closer collaboration between historians and scientists is needed to understand the selective pressures on genetic mutation, and the possible triggers for changes in genetic spatial frequencies over the past millennia.

This requires care and respect for each other's methods of evaluating data.

Black Death and AIDS are global pandemics that have captured the popular imagination, both attracting extravagant hypotheses to account for their origins and geographical distributions.

Medical scientists have recently attempted to connect these two great pandemics.

He idolized Forrest Gump, and to every doctor who entered his room he spoke the famous line from his favorite movie, removing a chocolate from a little box on his bed.

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