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I can't find it in maven repo - and I can't build it since it's missing some sh ...

AJAX has become a must-have for nearly all kinds of web application.

/** * Instantiates a new Drop Down Choice Text Field Panel.

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To make it attractive and pertinent in regard of Wicket capacities, we'll do a "Wicket and Ajax enabled autosaved textfield". The Quickstart project is an already setup Wicket website. The website being in English, as the current text, I won't put here the installation info found on the website. Just a last point : I did this tutorial using Eclipse 3.3, so you're better off opening the project with Eclipse.

Oh, for sure, it's a fairly basic one, with only one page. I called my project tutorial from the organisation org.zedros. First of all, we find the Wicket framework itself, as well as a sample application and an embedded webserver called Jetty. In the org.zedros package, you can easily spot some peculiar files : As with any Java website, another important file is the one. When looking at it, you can see that Wicket uses a filter instead of the usual servlet.

Ultimately, within the behavior I am enabling a component on my page, and I want to assert that this component is enabled after the behavior is executed.

How do I ensure that "on Update" is fired in my unit test?

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