Alycia purrott and chris violette dating

Red Ranger; he was originally a criminal on the run from S. D., until Doggie Cruger chose him to be the Red Ranger.

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Blue Ranger; the son of a famous Red Ranger, he wanted all his life to be the Red Ranger, but was chosen to be the Blue Ranger. His genetic power was the ability to create force fields.

We find out later in an episode of Power Rangers: Operation Overdrive (Once a Ranger) that Commander Cruger "Doggie" has been promoted to SPD Supreme Commander following the retirement of former Cmdr Fowler "Birdy", and Sky has been promoted to Delta Base Commander.

had a supporting role in the independent film "Across the Line," which tells the story of a Latina woman named Miranda who is forced out of her country for standing up for her family.

She escapes across the border along with her two brothers.

continued to appear on the FOX reality series "On the Lot." In its twelfth episode, Erin lends her acting talents to contestant Zach Lipovsky for his short film "The Bonus Feature." In it, Erin plays Kelly who goes on a date with Travis (played by Jonathan Chase) only to discover their vehicle's DVD player has the ability to transport them into the plot of whatever film they play.

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