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More than 60 Olympians came through the University of Michigan’s swim program, including 2012 Olympic champion Tyler Clary and fellow gold medalist Tom Dolan.

“People love swimming in Ann Arbor and the community rallies around the sport,” Clary said. The full list can be found below or on USA Swimming's website.

Who in the swimming and diving world is rumoured to be gay or who may come out next,besides of course Ian Thorpe ?

Ian Thorpe is widely assumed to be gay, even though he still denies it.

• SI VAULT: Missy Franklin's Olympic journey has only just begun The study, which was commissioned by USA Swimming and Speedo in partnership with SRi and Sports Marketing Surveys, compiled the rankings based on an aggregate score in categories including percentage of active swimmers and swim clubs, number of accessible pools and volume of top-level swimmers from the area.

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