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Sometimes I look at her and I feel sad because I think about what she might have been.

Anyway, any advice you could give me about dealing with anxiety would be great.— Serious in Springfield Dear Serious: The fact is, you’re a brainiac, and that’s a good thing. Your brain is like a sparkling jewel, but face this fact right now: Regular people may not be able to see the little gem you are. Don’t fuss about your marks in public school, as if they mean everything. By the way, your family is not a reflection of who you are. They love you, and you store that love inside you to make a strong, unbreakable core.

Much like Ann Landers, Dear Abby and Miss Prudence, who’ve been targets for fake-letter pranksters in the past, Miss Lonelyhearts recently walked into a trap by offering advice to the plotline of the TV show Full House masquerading as a heartbreaking plea for help.

It wasn’t the first time and probably not the last for this ruse.

Perhaps most notable of these is 'Basic ', a simple, results-orientated approach to image adjustments in the scene-based exposure modes, that allows the user to change the look of their images and control background blur without needing to know anything technical about how this all works.

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