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It decrees that every town of at least 50 families hire a schoolmaster who would teach the town's children to read and write and that all towns of at least 100 families should have a Latin grammar school master who will prepare students to attend Harvard College.

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Although Lester and Carolyn once loved each other, they now merely tolerate each other.

Typical wallflower Janie too hates both her parents, the three who suffer individually in silence in their home life. Carolyn, relatively new to the real estate business, wants to create the persona of success to further her career, she aspiring to the professional life of Buddy Kane, the king of the real estate business in their neighborhood.

This page was scanned for broken links and updated on August 14, 2017. North America is established by the Virginia Company at Jamestown in what is now the state of Virginia.1620 - The Mayflower arrives at Cape Cod, bringing the "Pilgrims" who establish the Plymouth Colony.

However, it is virtually impossible to keep them all current. Many of the Pilgrims are Puritans who had fled religious persecution in England.

Examples of this include: red rose petals in a white bath tub and a white ceiling, blood on a white shirt and white floor, the red car in front of the white garage door, the red front door surrounded by white frame and walls.

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