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Everyone went out of way to make sure, we had wonderful holiday.—“the disappeared”—to the world, a house in a peaceful, tree-lined neighborhood of La Plata, about forty miles southeast of Buenos Aires, came under attack.The legend says that the next day the tree bloomed with flowers never seen before.

She may have been an actual historical figure, but the ending of the story about her is more mythical.

According to the legend, Anahi was the daughter of a chief of the Guarani people, the original inhabitants of Paraguay. The conquistadors captured Anahi, abused her, tied her to a tree, and set her on fire.

Some sites claim the original meaning was something like "one who has a beautiful voice", and others that it's simply the Guarani word for the tree.

I hope someone who's an expert on the Guarani language (still widely spoken in Paraguay) can clarify that for us some day.

6 of the characters form a band that extended beyond the show to become one of the most successful Mexican pop bands of all time.

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