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This weekend’s “Saturday Night Live” was the debut appearance for Sasheer Zamata, the first black cast member since Maya Rudolph’s departure six years ago, and Zamata was excellent: confident without being overstated, handling the pressure of the disproportionate limelight impressively well.

The show, on the whole, was one of SNL’s best in awhile—Drake rivals Justin Timberlake in the easy charm of his stage presence and the versatility of his impressions.

This British import "celebrity" chef tried to emulate Emeril Lagasse's charm and charisma but failed miserably to achieve his level of success.

The TV show lasted one season before the Pepto Bismol police were called in to pump TV viewers stomachs.

Being nearly invisible in your first show has come to feel like a rite of passage for new SNL cast members.

In Kristin Wiig’s first episode in 2005, hosted by Jason Lee, her one featured role was playing Jason Sudeikis’s wife in a sketch about an oblivious couple that picks up a serial killer as a hitchhiker.

These were brief, small roles that nevertheless provided a memorable introduction to the actresses’ particular styles.

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