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Contact Facebook email: In case of problem with your account, try to contact Facebook by email (Facebook contact email): A new email recently identified: [email protected] email address mentioned on the Facebook Registrar page: [email protected] will receive automatic answers to your questions. How to contact Facebook to permanently delete your account? Here are the links: First of all, be sure to check that the answer to your question can not be simply found in the FAQ / Help Center or in the menu of presentation of the Facebook contact forms dedicated to bug reports.

We have put together almost all the 40 features, tips and tricks that users could use with Whats App to become a Whats App jockey. Delete multiple chats Previously, it was a tedious job to delete multiple messages from your chat list.

Now, Whats App allows you to select multiple chats or messages in the chat and delete them in one go. Star messages You can highlight some messages and store them as favourites. Long press on the message in your chat and click on the star icon.

Now, avoid all those steps and simply pull down the notification bar and hit ‘reply’ to instantly reply to that message and avoid wasting time opening Whats App. Backup to Google drive Save all your chats and files from Whats App by backing it up to your Google Drive.

This can help you in case you change your smartphone, or lose it.

The police tracked Jaya's account and found that many girls were communicating with her for jobs and even marriage proposals.

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