Are bow wow and angela simmons dating 2016 match for dating

It started when Chavis came for Mena and accused her of trying to sneak diss her on the low.She said that out of all the times Mena has come for her without saying her name, she never made a move when the two saw one another in person.After dating an African oil tycoon for at least 2 years, reality TV star Angela Simmons is ready to make it official.

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The series chronicles the family life of former Run–D. in Hollis, Queens) is one of the founding members of hip-hop group Run–D. He is the youngest brother of artist Daniel Simmons, Jr. He entered the hip hop scene as a DJ for Kurtis Blow.

He assumed the alias "Son of Kurtis Blow", but later changed it to "Run".

While no one really knows who this mystery man is, sources say the boyfriend is her personal trainer.

Fans are left guessing, but new reports say that her newly fiance is Sutton Tennyson.

She called out Chavis and said she has never been proposed to.

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