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The main protagonist of the story, a second-year student at Momozomo Academy, who uses his lecherous life-energy to give Lisara energy.

Also, he learns from Lisara that he will die in three months and in return for his help now, she will try to change his fate.

During the Gryps Conflict, Kamuna started having doubts about the nature of Titans after his childhood friend and fiancée, Nagisa Florin, dies due to the colony laser attack on Side 2 and listening Char Aznable's speech at Dakar.

Following a fallout with Pamil, he deserts from the Titans and surrenders to the AEUG.

"You can do anything if you put your mind to it." That is how Mio was raised... For Mio this is her ticket to adventure, excitement and the most interesting thing of all... They are attractive, have perfect conduct, and excel both in sports and academics.

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