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) comments about her K-Swiss and her not quite tall enough to be Sasha stature, most folks have concluded Barack’s baby girl was not escorted by this Odell Beckham wannabe anywhere. The Obama daughters are really out there living their lives.

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- Sasha Obama was pictured kissing a hot guy in Chicago- Some speculate it's her boyfriend- Malia was also caught on tape dancing bizarrely16-year-old Sasha Obama was pictured kissing a hot guy named Matt Metzler over the weekend and the internet simply can't handle it.

The two were at the 2017 Lollapalooza Music Festival in Chicago.

Meanwhile, Sasha's elder sister Malia Obama was caught on video doing a crazed dance at the same event.

The rock music appeared to have really got into Malia as she rolled on the floor of the stage and banged her fist on it.

R8, You should see the videos on You Tube claiming Michelle Obama was "born a man." WTF?

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