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Todd Carey is an American musician and singer-songwriter, from Winnetka, Illinois known for his hit song Nintendo.

April 16, 2014 saw the release of the "Nintendo" single.

European circles he frequented, Marcus had expected it would be.

Outmaneuvered by the Turkish sultan, Alp Arslan, Romanus was forced to give battle with only half his troops near Manzikert. Warfare in the Ancient World explores how civilizations and cultures made war on the battlefields of the Near East and Europe between the rise of civilization in Mesopotamia in the late fourth millenium BC and the fall of Rome.

Through a exploration of twenty-six selected battles, military historian Brian Todd Carey surveys the changing tactical r ...

In 2008 he published a book describing the campaigns of Hannibal Barca and the Second Punic War entitled Hannibal's Last Battle: Zama and the Fall of Carthage.

His fourth book, entitled Road to Manzikert: Byzantine and Islamic Warfare, 527-1071 (Pen and Sword Books, forthcoming April 2012), will explore the martial relationships between Byzantium and Islam culminating in the famous battle of Manzikert.

His mother was a former musician herself, having attended the Cincinnati Conservatory of Music for music education.

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