onlinedating over30 - Case studies on consolidating it service desks

Genesis10 hired over 170 IT professionals and saved nearly M in labor cost.

Leveraged Genesis10’s Domestic Outsourcing capability to centralize and co-locate the Adobe Live Cycle team to provide sustainment support services to include enhancements, assist with change management activities during the initial implementation and document the newly developed policies and procedures that support the day to day operations. Through this engagement, capability and capacity were enhanced by implementing an onsite/onshore delivery model by leveraging Genesis10’s staffing services and Domestic Outsourcing capability.

Datacenter consolidation requires time and extensive effort in coordinating multiple teams and stakeholders. It drives compelling cost and operational efficiencies by reducing the IT footprint of the organization at several levels such as servers, applications, storage, and databases.

Coupled with the fact that most organizations operate with a heterogeneous mix of manufacturers, the result is a system laced with inefficiencies, logistical nightmares and unecessary costs.

Protect the investment you’ve already made in your IT Infrastucture by maximizing the lifespan and performance of your existing equipment with Service Consolidation from Brains II.

The implementation proved so successful that, starting in 2011, Calyx ran a service transformation project to overhaul its Service Management framework around a shared and dedicated service desk operation delivering a consistent approach to service improvement.

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