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Sleeve pictured after jeans with a real metal zipper on front that unzips to reveal a man in cotton briefs.

Writng on: Andy Warhol This photograph may not be--ETC Released with photo/credit insert. (outer rim text with no manufacturing credits) Publishing info: A1 to A4, B1 to B5: Essex Int.

Professor Jonathan Grigg, Professor of Paediatric Respiratory and Environmental Medicine at Queen Mary University of London, said: “For children with asthma and other long-term respiratory diseases, it would be prudent not to have them exercising outside on these sort of days when pollution is so high.” Toxic air blackspots can be very localised and change rapidly, clearing if winds pick up, or often worsening if more filthy fumes are belched out by growing traffic.

By 8am this morning, PM2.5 levels at the worst-polluted areas had fallen below the “black” level of 100 microgrammes per cubic metre but was on the rise against by the afternoon.

“You called me an ugly black b*****,” Christie said.

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