Cerion technologies liquidating trust

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Verizon’s stock transfer agent and registrar is Computershare. For hearing-impaired assistance, call 800.952.9245. By mail: Verizon Shareowner Services c/o Computershare, P. Box 43078, Providence, RI 02940-3078 The Direct Stock Purchase and Share Ownership Plan allows participants to invest in Verizon stock conveniently and economically. Your Verizon dividends can be reinvested automatically or directly deposited in either your checking or savings account on dividend payment dates.

They provide shareowner communications and services to Verizon’s registered shareowners. If you are not a registered shareowner, initial enrollment can be made by investing at least $250 or by authorizing the Plan Administrator to automatically deduct five (5) $50 monthly payments from your U. Direct deposit is a fast and efficient means of depositing dividends and safeguarding against lost checks or mail delays.

Thermal papers develop an image upon contact with either a heated stylus or a thermal print head.

Thermal papers are used in point-of-sale printers, package identification systems, gaming and airline ticketing systems, facsimile machines, medical and industrial recording charts and for conversion to labels.

In September of this year, the federal judge overseeing the bankruptcy ordered the assets to be liquidated, records show.

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