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Then at the cemetary, The guy driving the hurst yelled to the pallbears if they wanted the head on top or bottom. Slacker and Hollerman, didn't your parents raise you any better, then to get on here and belittle people and call them names?

Chat rooms dirty-9

Maybe if you all went in there with some manners and act your age and have adult conversations with people in there, you might have a better chat experience.

As for Luckylady kicking a male out just because they dont talk to her, that has got to be the most ridiculous thing i have ever heard, and you do not have to pay to be a MOD in there, and no i am not a MOD and no i do not know either Luckylady, Southern Sweetie or Pixie, just a local chatter who enjoys going in there.

In any chat room you are going to have people who you dont get along with or who you may or may not like, but resorting to calling them names is not the way to go, it only makes you look ignorant. uhh NOBODY..can leave and you can even stay outta had any brains you would have talked to them about your problems instead of being weak and posting them on a site you never thought any of us regulars in the chatroom would look!!

Im wondering if maybe you 2 have hit on some of these women in there and they wouldnt give you the time of day so you get on this website to whine like a bunch of little girls so it makes you feel more like a man? I haven't seen people as uptight as her at a funeral. I think if they're going to make people moderators in a Hazard Chat room they should make them people actually living in Hazard not some uptight needs to get laid old hag that has her picks and who doesn't even live in the area. but yea i mean people act like they dont like others all the time and thats why we have dont like them then you need to TRY to convince the others that seem to like having mods stop payin money..good luck with that because without them that place would be a wreck...its not a very nice thing for people like you that just goes in there and assumes the worst about ppl it doesnt make HAZARD look good so think about that next time....peace!

They returned home from a holiday to discover that their son had hanged himself.

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