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He was welcomed by Suparb- Sawad Posolee, Executive Managing Directors of S. Four Seasons Resort Chiang Mai in association with the Tourism Authority of Thailand, Chiang Mai Office, Royal Park Rajapruek and Chiang Mai Night Safari, hosted the “2017 Cancer Care Charity Bike Fun Run” on Saturday, March 18, 2017 from am. It’s that time of year when you can head to your local multiplex to see Matthew Mc Conaughey as an interplanetary David Copperfield who’s trying to use his “magics” to destroy a looming tower that protects the universe from ready-to-invade hordes of demons that linger just outside the universe.

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Chiang Mai Zoo animals celebrated Valentine’s Day with a special meal for panda celebrities Lin Hui and Chuang Chuang with an ice cake in a shape of the heart and the panda couple’s favorite fruits.

Continued Krit Thanawanitch, Chiang Mai Deputy Governor (3rd left), chaired the launch of the new Compass Gourmet & Cuisine 2017 and Gindee Magazine recently at Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport. and Thanatchaporn Phongyen, General Manager of Central Plaza Chiang Mai Airport (2nd right).

So (1) please do not take this seriously and (2) grab some boba and enjoy! There’s a fun-ness to it — almost like a new, adorably nervous adventure that two people can share.

Recently, one of my good female friends encouraged/challenged/pleaded with me to try Ok Cupid and — like I do with all the other things I don’t care about — I changed the subject and ignored her. I’d rather figure out if we’re a good fit FIRST before figuring out how many times I want to fuck after I get married.” (Which is a question in Ok Cupid.) It was exhausting — and hilarious — but we got through enough questions to get an accurate match percentage and start browsing profiles. Click her.” We cracked open her shell and, after a few silent moments, my right eyebrow rose. The woman we read bragged incessantly about all her goddamn achievements — dancing with so-and-so celebrity, traveling to this-and-that faraway place, etc. Entertain me.” Excuse my French, but who the fuck are you? the story’s called “The Girl Who Didn’t Get What She Wanted.” Starring you. Now, trust me, I am well aware that rejection is part of the dating game. Real life says: “That cute girl is looking at you from across the way; act, and you shall be rewarded accordingly for your courage.” Online dating, however, strips that boldness and pizzazz away.

I met a cute banker, but after he made me walk with him an extra mile down Islington High Street to save 70p on a packet of smoked salmon, it was over.

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