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A: The Committee of Ten would be responsible for that decision and it will be part of the ballot question. A: The State will determine the district number and the new school board will have some input on the new name. A: The new school board will determine how many teachers they will need, then selections bases on School Code (Seniority and/or Performance Evaluation law). Q: What will happen to all of the support staff, supervisors, and cleaning contracts? All current contracts will stay in force until their expiration/buy-out Q: What about the bussing situation?

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Consolidating school districts illinois

“Existing consolidation incentives and initiatives have been underfunded and have often focused on rural school districts rather than consolidating dual school districts into single-unit districts.”Any top-down effort to consolidate and streamline school districts, however, would likely face some resistance.

The Illinois Association of School Boards (IASB) favors district reorganization or consolidation efforts only when they’re intended to improve educational performance, rather than being based only on enrollment numbers or geography.

By contrast, the average Illinois school district has below 2,400 students.“Based on the model developed for this paper, the most cost-effective size for school districts in Michigan is roughly 2,900 students,” the Mackinac Center study found.

“Both smaller and larger districts are likely to spend more per pupil, other things being equal.”A report by the Illinois School Funding Reform Commission in February also found fault with the overall school district structure in Illinois.“The sheer number of school districts in Illinois makes for system inefficiencies and contributes to the inequity within the state,” the commission said.

It requires a ballot vote, with both districts approving it by a majority in each district. A: Should the referendum pass, a new board will have to be elected out of the new consolidated district.

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