Consolidating sql servers Freeonlinechatwebcam

A Pure Storage all-flash solution will speed your database and your business; optimize your SQL licensing; fit 40,000 mailboxes in 3U of rack space; eliminate planned disruptions and downtime; reduce the amount of storage you actually need to buy; and save on power, cooling, and space.

You might be hesitant to try something similar in your data center, but let me describe a modern “unfamiliar solution” to SQL Server workload consolidation using Hyper-V and the outcome it delivered.

This solution: Adi Cohen and Bob Bunker, both Senior Database Architects at DB Best, and Brian Walters, Senior Staff Applications Engineer at San Disk’s Data Propulsion Lab, tested the workload configurations and found that: The baseline system maxed out with The detailed results are available in our whitepaper, but before I give you the link, let’s see what makes these unfamiliar solutions so compelling.

Break free from the familiar – an unfamiliar solution can deliver big savings and ROI– $450,000 and up to 79x ROI in the scenario tested.

Peter Plamondon shares findings from the latest San Disk and DB Best white paper.

Flash Array//m is fast, agile, and reliable – improving performance by orders of magnitude.

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