Dating 2 girls in persona 4

Similar to Persona 4 (but amplified due to more available women), everything will go just fine until Valentine's Day.

After choosing to spend time with a girl, the others will all show up the next day, beat you up, then dump you.

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She tends to be shy around strangers, but becomes friendly once she warms up to them.

Nanako loves her father dearly, but wishes that he would spend more time with her.

Once you've unlocked her social link, you can usually find her standing next to the library on the third floor of the school during the day.

Hang out with Makoto enough times, and you'll be given the option of starting a relationship when her confidant rank is high enough.

Not to mention it is a bit strange that all three of the girls whom I currently must decide between also remind me of girls whom I now in real-life (making the decision even harder).

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