older women dating younger men called cougars - Dating an 18 year old

However, Bobby says that because Ashley is 18, Bobby has no control of what happens.... Is there a reason, other than his age, that this is upsetting her? They've only been dating 2 months as well, and Bobby feels they are rushing this.I look at a person's quality of character not their age. Not to mention, she feels like a failure as a mother. "Maybe if I had given her more freedoms she wouldn't feel like she needs to move out? Maybe I should have sat down and talked with Ashely and her boyfriend and helped them come up with a better option?

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Or maybe they were all just in awe of this international love?

Regardless, there are a lot of emotions reported from the public.

I work with a woman who has a daughter who just turned 18. Bobby was complaining to me that Ashley is moving out this weekend, to live with her 34 year old boyfriend. It's her daughter's life and her daughter's mistakes.

Bobby is beyond upset that Ashley is not only dating someone so old, but moving in with him! The most she can do is continue to provide support and and home to come back to if the daughter needs.

Your 18-year-old son is dating a 16-year-old female classmate – no big deal, right?

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