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Requests may also come from surviving partners or family members for postmortem retrieval from a cadaver in the hours following an unexpected death, especially when the deceased individual or couple’s reproductive plans had not reached fruition prior to an untimely death [3].

Frank's nephew, Cody Lambert, was introduced early in the first season as a recurring character (becoming a series regular in the second season) and lived in his van in the driveway; he then left the series in 1996.

In the 1994–95 season finale, Carol gave birth to a daughter named Lily. meets Samantha, the woman of his dreams, and they date off and on for the sixth and seventh seasons.

Channing, also known as the shirtless wonder, had a nice awkward experience that rivaled his high school musical days, (no duh?

) and Cesar was just glad he hit all the beats on stage.

Posthumous sperm retrieval for the purpose of procreation was first reported by Rothman in 1980 [4], and the first successful pregnancy using sperm retrieved from a cadaver occurred in 1998 followed by the subsequent birth in 1999 [5].

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