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He said, "training beauty queens gave me front row, and most recently, mosh pit, to the exhilarating world of pageants.

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The real story Angelique, who was plump beforehand, had dramatic changes in her body and people got curious on how and why she lost weight.

When asked, Angelique always answers: "It's because I wanted to pursue Binibining Pilipinas." Photo from Angelique de Leon's Facebook account It turned out, that’s not the whole story.

"I was too young and naive and a bit of a hopeless romantic that I believed in the fact that the change in my weight would not affect my relationship with him," Angelique said. lost." Turning point She became depressed and starved herself because of the heeartbreak. I lost the sweet girl who would do anything for love.

However, their relationship came crumbling down after a while. Angelique even thought of committing suicide, thinking she was not good enough. I lost Angelique." Eventually, she begged her ex-boyfriend to try and make things work but he refused.

I haven't met them personally though so I can't judge if they're telling the truth or not. she's already in her late 20's so i doubt she's still growing. for those i met in person, i was actually standing beside them or behind them so i have a very good idea (i also deducted a few inches because they were wearing high heels and i'm usally in flats i.e. thanks for the compliment.nway,was it like a few years ago that youve seen Ara Mina because she was close to my height when i saw her in person at the shangrila mall when i was there last christmas so i put her at 5-5 to 5-6 This amde my day. I didnt mean to compare them, nor see it as a battle of the weights.

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