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Yeah, we’re fucked by the expectations a lot of us have for relationships! For all of “openness” we’re also a lot less tolerant of each other on the dating scene, always looking for another, better option, because apps and the internet sort of make us believe we can.

We’re a lot less mature than our parents in that respect, I think. Love your latest book Becoming, and I hear you have another book out in April 2017 called Ice Cream for Breakfast? Ice Cream for Breakfast is about how rediscovering your inner child can make you calmer and happier.

But after much (much) research I know: this is not me. I've spent energy and tears pretending otherwise. I'd rather no sex than sex for the sake of a half-hearted romp with a man who avoids kissing on the lips.

This month I am talking with wordsmith, feminist and ultimate gal pal Laura Jane Williams, who coincidentally her name isn’t actually that. What was it about travel that helped you get through bad times?

Her name is actually just Laura Williams, but with a saturated market and a bagillion “Laura Williams’ online, and far fewer Laura Jane Williams’ she went with that! Oh god, that article was the most mortifying thing to ever happen to me.

I have followed your story since the article on the Mail went viral about you ‘bed-hopping’ your way around the world following a break up.

I don’t think there’s any expectation that we should be open about things that are personal to us, but certainly when folks are it creates a “me too” environment that lets those around us that they’re not alone in either their joys or their upsets. In today’s modern day, it seems everyone has the fight or flight trigger when it comes to relationships and unfortunately a lot of the time, they tend to fly.

I won’t say how many, but I am in the Glen Campbell/Darren Daulton ballpark. Yes, there will be the mentally unstable and scheming among them, but you can find the same at a country club.

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