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His job is not to pair one lovebird with another (other staffers manage the matching schemes), but rather to parse the data given in user profiles into little pieces, and then reassemble them in compelling and often quirky ways.

Dating data blog

The significant rise in marketing using Data Management Platforms (DMP) is no surprise.

2016 has also been a very busy year for me, with moving from the States to Merkle’s London office to help build a DMP practice in Europe.

All of a sudden, Rudder, a one-time indie actor and rock star, had transformed himself into a dating laureate for the data age.

By assembling users’ clicks and keystrokes into one place and spending hours inside Excel, Rudder had found a way to articulate our humanity. In 2012 Rudder proposed a book based on his blog, and Crown outlasted nine other publishers with a seven-figure bid.

People who own i Phones have more sex than people with Black Berrys.

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