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I'm going to close this in favor of issue #199, which started out as just asking about date and time, but ended up bringing up the idea of using all of the formats as requested here.

There is more discussion in that issue, so let's continue things there.

We select the best food from our shipments, pre-packaging it to give you the greatest deals.

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Every other Monday, our warehouse in New Hope is open from am until pm.

In addition to the food packages we sell at all of our locations, our warehouse also sells individual meats, produce, and dry goods.

Fare For All buys fresh produce and frozen meat in bulk from wholesalers and manufactures to find the best deals available.

Volunteers at our warehouse pre-pack the produce and meat into food packages that range in price from $10 – $25.

Currently JSON Schema supports "format" : "date-time", however RFC3339 details a number of other possibilities.

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