Dating former boyfriend

She was trying to mend a broken heart after splitting from her ex-boyfriend footballer Rob Davies, and was swept off her feet.

reports that the reality star is dating the handsome brunette, who also happens to be her ex.

A long string of social media love between Demi Lovato and French Montana has fans convinced the two artists are secretly dating one another or will be soon enough!

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And when they aren’t in the studio, the lovebirds have been spending an awful lot of time with one another.

In the last few months, French and Demi have shared a slew of posts to their Snapchat, Instragram and Twitter feeds, showing love and support for one another.

Ed was the first person that I thought, 'oh my god, I could see myself marrying this person,' even though he was so wrong for me.

Ed wasn't honest, he wasn't close with his family, he wasn't close with my family or my friends.

He didn't have the same values as I did, he wasn't patient, he wasn't sweet, there was nothing about him that was great for me, but because everyone was rooting for him and I was in love with him at the time I tried to force that to make that work." "How I knew was how Justin is with my family," Jillian gushes.

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