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Everyone was like 30years, they look at us n we laugh so hard n yell dating 7 months. I wake up everyday & thank the man upstairs for putting @kendra_wilkinson_baskett in my life. Now it's 7 years, just like that."She continued, "We've been through ups n downs but getting through those down and surviving them the way we did is rare these days. I don't know where I'd be without her but I know as long as I'm with her that's exactly where I want to be!

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In fact, they have left all the drama behind for the new season of their reality show.

“We’re great,” Wilkinson told Celebuzz at WE tv’s celebration of at Estrella in Los Angeles on Thursday (Mar. “We’re getting back to a really fun and crazy show.

Will you forgive your partner if he/she cheated on you? It was not an easy decision for her, however, she got over the situation and is now living happily with her husband Hank Baskett.

Why did Kendra Wilkinson's forgive Hank Baskett for cheating on her?

Hank Baskett completed the high school level education from the Clovis High School with the GPA 4.0.

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