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If he’s insecure to that point, he won’t be able to believe much of anything you tell him. He brags about his conquests regularly, and boasts about how freaky “those girls” are. Secondly, why would you want to sleep with a guy who would say that kind of stuff? You get the distinct feeling that he’s overcompensating for something. It could be the fact that he’s always showing off his career achievements It could be the fact that his muscles make him look like a tick about to pop.

Somehow, you get the feeling that he’s really desperate for women to notice him.

I’ve dated quite a few different men who were really insecure.

Not only was it extremely frustrating for me throughout the entirety of our relationship, but I really think some of those guys were wonderful people until they let their insecurities control their life. But insecurities can cause a larger number of bigger issues within one’s self; anxiety, jealousy, depression, and more.

No one would say that they set out to get into a relationship with an insecure man. In fact, an insecure man can be especially tempting to you, particularly if your last relationship was with a man who was happy to let you support him.

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