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Gone are the garish signs at its new downtown locations, replaced with sleek red and metal, announcing to Canadians: this is no longer your mom’s Bulk Barn.Recently, the chain updated its kitschy flyers for a more modern look, which garnered kudos on social media.

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"You simply cannot blame yourselves," Thomas told them.

"She was far from the angel of mercy, more the shadow of death who passed over them," he said of Wettlaufer's treatment of her victims.

Some were weird, others were weirder, and all were mindlessly entertaining.

So we figured if seeing a lady with a foot for a hand, a neckless hunchback, and Liev Schreiber popping a squat was worth something to us, it’d be worth something to you.

Now primarily a freight railway, CN also operated passenger services until 1978, when they were assumed by Via Rail.

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