Dating more than 8 million men and women

There is a significant difference between the NVAWS and NISVS surveys, in the number of victims of physical violence (4,741,000 vs. This is consistent with earlier studies showing that between 19 (Straus and Gelles, 1988, Straus, 1995), between 19 (Catalano , 2005) and between 20 (Truman, 2011, Table 6) violence against women dropped but violence against males stayed steady.

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In addition to being asked directly about rape, attempted rape or sexual assault, respondents now get a follow-up question about “forced or unwanted sexual acts” committed by a stranger, a casual acquaintance, or someone they know well.

anyone has used physical force or threats to make them engage in a sexual activity, but “how many” people have done this (in their lifetime and in the past year).

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