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Mount Brydges has a small commercial "downtown" featuring mostly local businesses and shops.

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Temagami is the reality that fuels the popular perception of Canada's great Northland, with old growth pine forests; smooth blue waters; brilliantly white, powdery snow; and bountiful fish and wildlife. Some of the world's oldest rock has surfaced here, and has been scraped and smoothed by centuries of glaciation. Grey Owl, the mysterious naturalist who captured the world's imagination back in the 1930s, has become a part of the Temagami landscape.

Artifacts and stone drawings dating as far back 6000 B. Over the centuries, people have been drawn to the area as if by a magnet.

(OLP)established_title = Settledestablished_title2 = Incorporatedestablished_date = 1832established_date2 = 1860 as a village1872 as a townarea_magnitude = area_total_km2 = area_total_sq_mi = area_land_km2 = 274.19 area_land_sq_mi = 105.865area_water_km2 = area_water_sq_mi = area_water_percent = area_urban_km2 = area_urban_sq_mi = area_metro_km2 = area_metro_sq_mi = population_as_of = 2006population_footnotes = population_total = 19,977population_metro = population_urban = population_density_km2 = 72.9 population_density_sq_mi = 28.148timezone = ESTutc_offset = −5timezone_DST = EDTutc_offset_DST = −4postal_code_type = Postal codepostal_code = N7Garea_code = (519)latd=42 |latm=57 |lats=27.25 |lat NS=Nlongd=81 |longm=37 |longs=00.97 |long EW=W|elevation_m = elevation_ft = website = = According to the Canada 2006 Census..

It was created through the merger of the former township of Caradoc and the town of Strathroy in the late 1990s.

Local agriculture includes which covered the area approximately 13,000 years ago.

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