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The use of Pewter Spoons in America from 1650 to 1850 Terrence E. Britishpewterers continued to export in ever-greater quantities to the colonies with only a brief intermission following the years ofconflict.”iii“. That was the equivalent ofalmost 1 million 8 inch pewter plates or 300,000 quart mugs or 250,000 quart tankards or 200,000 15 inch dishes.”iv“To the eighteenth-century housewife, pewter objects were beautiful things to be kept polished and gleaming.

Sheridan Introduction When selecting serving pieces and table settings at your site, the historic importance of pewter should not be overlooked.“Pewter in medieval days was the material in universal use for the tables and sideboards of the middle and upper classes,silver plate appearing only in the royal palaces and in the dwellings of the highest nobles, and then probably in verylimited quantities at the upper table on the dais. Fromearliest times to 1850, no self-respecting woman would have set her table with dirty pewter or served tea from a dingyteapot, . .”v Pewter was traditionally an alloy primarily of tin with some copper and lead added.

Go to the bottom of the page for flatware age identification Stieff date marks from 1901-1980 This CHART is from the Online Encyclopedia of Silver Marks, Hallmarks and Makers Marks.

NOTE: FLATWARE IS Note that 1944 skipped over the I as it would look to much like the mark for 1921.

Also skipped over are the Q and V, so be careful when checking dates.

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