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Whatever the surprises are, I’m pretty sure you’ll have a blissful smile plastered on your face.

Proceedings are open to the public (admissions are on a first-come-first serve basis), and sittings start at 1.30pm.

Before heading over, check the Order Paper for an idea of the issues that will be brought up on that day.

Fret not if you do not have access to Netflix or cable TV, all you have to do is stream some movies on the glorious internet. Craft A Creative Coupon Book That Doesn’t Expire Let your creativity reign here and put in whatever you reckon your significant other would like. Catch A Movie At The Cinema Only this time round, let him pick the movie. Now, it is only fair that we girls watch some guy flicks every now and then with our sweethearts who have probably watched way more romantic comedies with us just because.

Stay In At Home As Per Usual To up the fun factor, get your love to retrieve the nice (or naughty) card you’ve snail-mailed him or her.

Relax and unwind with free performances at Esplanade's waterfront performance venue with the Merlion and financial district in the background.

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