Dating someone with cat allergies

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I’m glad you had the courage to come out of the closet as a male cat owner. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with you whatsoever. My friends seem to find my dislike of cats humorous. After a few dates, I agreed to go to his place for a drink. I knew that the cat would be there logically, but I wasn’t prepared for it emotionally.

They joke that I will end up marrying a man with tons of cats and proudly scoop litter for all eternity. When the cat jumped on his lap and he started kissing and stroking and purring at his kitty, I couldn’t handle it.

This adaptation can take between a few days to a few months.

It doesn't mean you have to skip visits with your feline-loving friends and family.

This is, in most part, a response to Brian Donovan, the man who made confessions about being a male cat owner over at Thought Catalog. She usually slept with me and when she spotted the stuffed animal, she went into a jealous fit, refusing to make eye contact with me, refusing to lick my hand. I literally had to throw the stuffed animal in the garbage can before Mandy would acknowledge me again. This happens to me a lot, where I feel like the dog and I “get” each other. I am averse to having pet hair of any kind on my clothing. Chances are, if I can’t leave your apartment without looking like I rolled around in a pile of pet hair, I’m not going to want to frequent your place. The worst being the guy who told me that the only reason he would want a relationship is to have someone to watch TV with at the end of a long day. Sometimes (rarely, but SOMETIMES) I think cats are cute. My co-worker Julie has a very fat cat named Colonel Mustard and I kind of like him.

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