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Though none of the schemes were completed, several lengths of canal survive today in leisure use, and abandoned sections add to the region's rich industrial archaeology.The Dorset and Somerset Canal was intended to link the Kennet and Avon Canal with Poole in Dorset, but only the Nettlebridge branch was started, only to be abandoned in the 1880s.Thirty years after she was raised from the Solent, the £35million heritage project has built a major new museum to complete the conservation, reuniting the hull of the Tudor warship sunk in 1545 with many of its 19,000 artefacts recovered from the seabed.

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The Robey Trust is a museum and restoration centre dedicated to the preservation of Robey machinery including traction engines, rollers, stationary engines, pumps and other items.

Afterwards, Peter Daniel led a fossick around Tavistock to look at the canal basin, foundries, mills, railway features, etc..

Look for these on the Internet Movie Database "memorable quotes" page for the show, with the label "repeated line".

The high-browed, academic term used for this is "Leitwort" from the German for "leading" or "guiding word." When this is a number instead of a phrase, it's Arc Number, and Arc Symbol if it's an image. Not to be confused with Arc Reactor Words, which generally have to do with caves and boxes of scraps.

A word or phrase that appears throughout an Arc as a Motif.

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