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This all seemed pretty unnecessary for a party of five, as well as a wasted opportunity for a group of people visiting this great food city from different parts of the country. Turns out I was not just the only woman and non-white person on this panel, I was also the youngest by a few decades, and the only one who hadn't written a presidential biography. We were in the Phillip Johnson room, and it was quite pleasant, quiet and comfortable with a round table big enough for about a party of eight. Our waitress checked in on us at regular intervals, and we were never wanting for anything.

To make things worse, I'd already planned a late second dinner with friends, and was only going to meet my co-panelists for drinks. The organizer was a lovely Texan man who said there was a Capital Grille in Dallas, and it was always reliable. I didn't eat a full meal here, but I did get a half dozen oysters, and they were good, fresh and tasty, served with mignonette on ice. I had a couple glasses of red wine, as well as a cocktail and a pour of Courvoisier (we had to reach that minimum). The cocktail was a twist on an Old Fashioned called the In Fashion, made with Russell's Reserve 10-year small batch bourbon, Grand Marnier, and black walnut bitters, served over an orange ice sphere with an amarena cherry. My dining companions were friendly and fascinating, and I was pleasantly tipsy.

The two got along so much that Jonathan asked Steph out for a second date, and seems keen on having many more - although part of that is because he wants to eat everywhere in London (although maybe not Chicken Cottage, as voiceover man Rob Beckett suggested).

It's never my preference to eat at expensive chain restaurants, least of all when I'm on vacation.

It was released in conjunction with Valentine's Day in order to match the theme of the album.

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