Dating the undead book

The London police have a plan to use the site to gather intel on vampires, who while out to the public are still not big on sharing, and they plan to recruit Silver to spy for them.But the vampires are on to the plan and Logan Byrne is sent to glamour the informant before she can pass on any details.

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Silver Harris is over clingy men—maybe men altogether. Logan Byrne can't get that sassy redhead—or that kiss! When his boss assigns him to spy on V-Date, he meets Silver again. Because who in their right mind would ever think a vampire and human could work long-term?

But when she shares a toe-curling kiss with a sexy Irish vampire on New Year's Eve, she wonders if maybe it's human men she's fed up with. Turns out, the police are recruiting humans to snitch on vampires through the dating site. Sorry, I lost my train of thought because I PASSED OUT.

When Logan returns, sparks fly and attraction sizzles, but they'll have to escape some very real demons if they have any chance of lasting forever The vampire mythology was interesting: the elder vampires cannot be killed - even decapitation is only temporary!

- but the vampires are much more like traditional vamps with weaknesses.

What Silver doesn't know is that the site is more dangerous than she could ever imagined, and soon she's in over her head.

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