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It describes itself as a “webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language”, suffers from something of an obsession with the velociraptors out of Jurassic Park, and may be the only cartoon in the world that features The Grim Reaper playing Dungeons & Dragons against Gary Gygax (“RIP, Gary”).

A series of one-off comics or short story arcs, drawn with generic stick-figure characters (one of whom, distinguished from the others with a black hat, appears to be a diabolical genius), it started when Mr Randall scanned in the doodles from his college exercise books, put them online and got a positive response.

Now his site pulls in over 60 million page views a month (as of October 2007).

Khoo: The fundamental problem is that supply is vastly outstripped by demand.

In other words, there are more people that WANT to go to PAX than can fit inside of a PAX. Khoo: It’s hard to model out, but for PAX Prime in Seattle, I’d say it’s anywhere between 5-10x.

It features a collection of talking animals, notably the patriarchal Mr Cornelius Bear, a five-year-old otter called Philippe, and Roast Beef, a depressed cat, living in a house in California.

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