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tell you (a phenomenon known as “social desirability bias") or what they choose to tell you.As the title of a new book puts it, everybody lies.I’m not going to sit here and pretend like we all don’t want that ride or die mate.

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“I have standards; step up or step out.” – Steve Maraboli You ever meet someone, man or woman, romantic or platonic, real or fake, that makes you feel bad for having standards? Recently, I was talking to a male friend of mine who isn’t in the best—but also not the worst—situation financially.

I’m talking about those folks who take “humility” to a whole other level (i.e. We were talking about the qualities we’d like for our significant others to possess and the usual characteristics came up.

"The myth that men want sex more than women is just not true—and it comes across the data in a striking way.” Does that mean he's seeing searches by men worried about how to keep up with their women? Men probably have concerns that don’t even reach that level of consciousness because they just can’t deal with them."What do women search most about a man’s orgasm?

a) Why he’s not having one.b) How to make him have one quicker.c) How to make him last longer. Not surprisingly, when guys take to Google, it's all about lasting longer (this being a demographic that conducts more searches on "how to make my penis bigger" than "how to change a tire").

The landmark murder case, thrust back into the spotlight thanks to a five-part documentary and an Emmy-nominated TV miniseries, but neither had shed any light on the former Buffalo Bills superstar's first wife, Marguerite Whitley.

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