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And when you feel positive, you attract positive people and dating experiences into your life!

I was trained at the Institute for Life Coach Training and have been coaching since 2001both as a life coach and dating coach.

Singles come to me all the time with questions about why someone they were e-mailing online disappeared or why a prospect at a first meeting didnt seem interested in getting together again.

Not getting the results you want online or meeting your kind of people in person? I spent nearly 9 years in the post-divorce dating world in my 40s and had dozens of dates (until I met my second husband at age 50), so I know what it takes to meet great people.

My clients, friends, and others all say I have an energy thats infectious and inspiring.

" -Carol L., 61I chose you to help me focus on dating searches, which is tough with my busy schedule. As a result, Ive had more dates and found more places to meet other singles my age Your coaching style is a wonderful combination of reflective listening, cheerleading, and trusting that Im capable of working out whats best for me.

Youve helped me articulate whats important in my life and held me accountable so I can reach my goal of finding a compatible partner. Talking to you has helped me understand why the things I was doing when I first met a new woman werent working.

Experts tell us we say far more nonverbally with body language, eye contact, and tone of voice than we do with the words we say.

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