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As a child, he participated in karate, acrobatics, and sports like football and basketball. He was 12 years when his parents separated; he was then sent to London to study under ballroom dancers Shirley Ballas and Corky Ballas.

(That's actually how the verb form of intimate, meaning "give to understand; imply as a possibility" is pronounced, but no matter.) I thought this was a clever suggestion, putting a new spin on old words, but I'm not holding my breath for inti-mate to displace boyfriend and girlfriend any time soon.

Robert is hardly alone in his feeling that boyfriend and girlfriend are inappropriate terms to refer to grown adults in committed relationships.

One would think that a man who moves from the hustle and bustle of New York would find serenity and peace in a quiet town like Luton, but it seems Nudge is having difficulty adapting to the British way of life – something made evident by the fact that he is suing 8 of his male colleauges for “too much banter”. I hate being called “lad”, I hate the constant references to “cheeky nandos with the boys” and I can never tell whether they’re being offensive on purpose or just “having a bit of banter”.

It’s so bizarre, I’ve never had to endure this at an American workplace.

The first day I came to the office and wanted to introduce myself and build a relationship with my new colleagues, there was this one guy, Pete, who I’d never met before, who said “You again, I can’t be seen with you, the wife will kill me” and walked away, and ever since then it’s been a non-stop stream of witticisms and jokes from ALL the guys.

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